Children’s Teeth.

Good dental health starts early in life and preventative dental care for children is important to ensure overall good health.

Your child’s dental health can begin as early as his or her first year – with careful examinations establishing a baseline of individual dental care. For youngsters and toddlers, treatments are available to help with teething discomfort and the inevitable injuries to teeth that can come with everyday childhood living. We believe in the importance of creating a good rapport between your dentist and your child, and we want you to be a part of their progress in learning good dental health habits.

Getting Children to Brush Long Enough

One of the biggest problems we see is that of poor oral hygiene in children. Plaque removal is fairly simple if children brush for long enough. Here are some tips:
• Brush for a minimum of 2 minutes twice a day
• Use disclosing tablets (available from from chemists) (or food dye on a cotton bud applied to the teeth) to show children where plaque is. Do this once week
• Use a timer for 2 minutes
• Some electric tooth brushes have timers and beep after each 30 seconds. Use this to brush a different area of the mouth
• Listen to a favourite song whilst brushing for the whole track

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